Buckeye Thumbprints

Shortbread with choc and peanut butter

Buttercream Iced Thumbprints

Shortbread with buttercream

Shortbread Cutouts

Available in different shapes

ThumbprintsShortbread(Buttercream icing)Any colors

-Turtle, Lemon, Raspberry thumbprints also available.

-Buckeye Thumbprints-shortbread(peanut butter and chocolate)

-Jelly Thumbprints(black raspberry jelly topped)

-Sprinkle Thumbprints(colored icing and choc)

-Traditional Thumbprints(covered in walnuts) colored icing or fruit

-Chocolate chunk


-MnM Cookies



-Sugar cookies

-Oatmeal Raisin

-Peanut butter

-White Macadamia

-Triple chocolate

-Lemon Crackle

-Brownie Crackle

-Soft iced sugar cookies

-Italian Wedding Cookies (anise, lemon, orange, almond and vanilla)

-Wrap-a-round Cherry cookie (maraschino cherry inside)

-Peanut Butter Blossoms(Hershey kisses)

-Reese's Cup Tarts(Reese's peanut butter cups)

-Italian Spice Cookie(walnuts and raisins)

-Linzer Tarts(filled with rasp, apricot and strawberry)

-Snowball cookies(walnuts and choc chips)

-Biscotti(maple walnut, cherry walnut, choc cherry walnut, anise, almond, choc almond, choc chip, pumpkin, lemon).

-Pizzelles (anise, almond, vanilla and choc)

-Filled Biscotti (Raspberry Almond, Chocolate Raspberry Almond, Apricot Almond, Lemon W/white choc. drizzle.